About the work environment
QWhat's the atmosphere like at work?
AWe believe that if you want to make a game, it should be in a fun environment and
with fun members, and we have a bright and lively workplace.
We have a free company culture, but we also have a strict focus on results.
In addition, our employees get along well with each other and work together as a team to create and operate games.
QHave you ever been transferred between projects or changed job types?
AWe are looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to take on the challenge.
In order to bring out the person's intentions and potential ability there have been job title changes due to new challenges.
There have been job changes from development to planning and from design to development.
QWhat is the ratio of male to female employees?
AAt present, 70% of the employees are male and 30% are female.
QWhat is the average age of your employees?
AThe minimum age is 21, and the average age is 31.
QHow about your development environment?
AOur infrastructure is Azure PaaS.
We use C# on the server side and Unity C# on the client side.
We use AzueSQL as a database.
QWhat kind of development team structure do you have?
AWe have a development system that allows us to plan, develop, design and illustrate content in-house.
This system allows us to focus on speed and the feeling of operating our own services.
About New Graduate Recruitment
QWhat is the selection process?
ADocument screening → Primal Interview → Second Interview → Hiring Process
It takes at least 1 week to receive a job offer.
QWhat kind of jobs are available?
AThere are many positions available, please refer to this one.
QI'm an engineer, can I apply for a job without any programming experience?
APlease apply! Motivation and enthusiasm are more important than experience.
In fact, there are some people who became engineers without any experience.
QWhat kind of training will I receive after joining the company?
AThis is on the job training. You can learn what you want to do in the field from our senior employees on your own initiative.
About career adoption
QIs there any post-employment training?
AThis is on the job training. You will learn what you want to do in the field from senior employees on your own initiative.
QIs it possible to set up an interview after work hours or on weekends for my current jobs?
AWe are flexible and willing to accommodate you at any time.
Please feel free to contact the hiring manager with your preferred date and time.
QDo I need any experience, technical skills or qualifications?
AI'm sure you'd like to have some experience and some technical skills. We value motivation and enthusiasm.
QDo you only hire designers for art schools and colleges?
AYou don't necessarily have to have graduated from school, but Experience in design work is preferred.
QIs it possible for foreign nationals to apply?
ANationality is not a factor in our company.
We have a large number of Korean and Russian people working here.
As we are expanding our business globally in the future, we hope you will not hesitate to apply for the position.
QWhat is the selection process?
ADocument screening → Primal Interview → Second Interview → Hiring Process
It takes as little as one week to make a job offer.
QIs there an age limit?
AAs long as you're not underage!