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Annual Paid Leave
For employees who have worked for the first six months of their employment, the Annual paid leave will be granted.
Thereafter, annual paid leave will be granted every year, depending on the duration of employment.
Travel expenses paid
All employees are entitled to a transportation expenses.Up to 20,000 yen per month
Kickoff meeting
We hold a general meeting in July every year with the participation of all employees.
We review the year and confirm the goals for the next fiscal year with all employees.
Awards are also given to employees in all departments who have achieved outstanding results during the period.
Closing party(internal party)
We hold a monthly dinner party for all employees to get to know each other! All employees enjoy bowling, beer garden and flower viewing.
Provide departmental drinking expenses
For the cost of a drinking party held in your department A subsidy of 3,000 yen per person will be provided by the company.
Open Space
A large break area for employees that can be used for breaks and meetings.
There is also a darts machine and table tennis table for a refreshing break.
One of the conference rooms is open to the public as a playroom.
The room is a place where employees can freely use the games provided and interact with each other.
Education and Training
New Employee Orientation
You can learn basic skills and manners as a member of society.
Training fees and book purchase support
We're going to give you a lots of knowledge in all genres.We provide support for the cost of book materials and training courses.KMS supports students who are willing to learn on their own.
flu vaccination
Flu vaccination are available at the company's expense.
Health diagnosis
Regular health checkups are conducted once a year.
Health guidance by an industrial physician
We support our employees' health, for example, by having a nearby occupational physician conduct health checks.
Childcare and Nursing
Maternity leave
You can take leave before and after childbirth.
Childcare Leave
You can take leave for childcare.
Nursing care leave
To take care of a family member who is in need of care. You may take leave in addition to your annual paid leave.
Congratulations and condolence leave
It will be granted in accordance with the regulations.
Free Drinks
We have a water server, so you can use the water and hot water at your leisure. You can use it.
Hot coffee and café au lait are also available free of charge.You are free to drink at any time.
No dress code
There are no dress code requirements. Hairstyles and nails are also free.
Paper screening
Primal Interview
Final Interview
Unofficial offer