Authentic RPG “Otogi Frontier” Collaborates with Sofmap

Event Description

In celebration of the collaboration with Sofmap, Otogi Frontier characters Purte, Cinderella, Vermelio, Tinker Bell, Dorothy, Emily and Claire are dressed in limited edition costumes!



Collaborative luxury login bonus!
Login to Otogi Frontier during the collaboration event to receive daily special rewards for 7 main characters wearing collaboration-specific costumes!
Also, from 2/26(Wed) to 3/8(Sun) 23:59, the costumes and voices of some of the characters in HOME will be changed to collaboration limited specification!


Collaborative Celebration! Free 10-row gacha!
Join Otogi Frontier for 10 free giveaways and add Otogi Frontier characters to your collection during this event!

◆Exhibition Period

February 26, 2020- March 3, 2020


Collaborative event “Blue and White Elmite originating place Sofmap Castle”!
Collect three different items available in the quest and exchange them for great prizes at the exchange!

Exhibition Period

February 26, 2020 to March 8, 2020


Sofmap Collaboration Commemorative Gacha!
A great gacha to get a ticket that can be exchanged for your favorite character from among the first ★5 characters that appeared by the end of December 2019!

Exhibition Period

February 26, 2020 – March 8, 2020