Notice of Co-sponsorship of the “Athlete Support Project – Breaking Down the Barriers to Challenge

KMS is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the “Athlete Support Project” by Recruit Career Co.

With the vision of “becoming a company that creates the world’s best services,” we are developing our game business as our main service. As a company that continues to provide new experiences and excitement, we empathize with the athletes’ desire to “break down the barriers to challenge” and have decided to support the program. We hope that this support will become an “engine,” which is one of KMS’s guiding principles, a “new experience,” and a step toward “making dreams come true.

Click here for the special website of the Athlete Support Project and the comment page of the supporting companies

What is the “Athlete Support Project”?

A project by Recruit Careers to support athletes with disabilities through the Department of Sports Discovery Ability Association (DOSA). Companies are invited to participate in the project to help solve the challenges and limitations that athletes face individually. We provide a training environment for athletes who are challenged to compete on the world stage and accompany them as they move “one step closer” to becoming designated athletes or national champions.