Company information sessions for students are now online!

Hello everyone!
I’m a spokesperson for KMS Corporation.

The hot days continue on.

Now, every year around this time, we have a company information session for new graduates.
Due to the COVID-19, the number of programs implemented this year is limited.
So, there! We have conducted our first online briefing this year!

▼ The scene of the day.

This year, our new graduate recruiter, Fuku-chan, was appointed to be in charge of the company information sessions, and she has been consistently preparing materials and making presentations herself.

Furthermore, this time, we’ve made it possible to link up with the students’ smartphones and broadcast their comments on the spot.

In normal Company information sessions, it’s usually the person in charge of the session who speaks, and then the students listen to what he or she has to say, but this time we were able to hear the students’ real voices in real time, so it felt like we were able to have a closer communication with them, even if it wasn’t face-to-face.

And! In the materials, I’ve included a game commentary of Otogi Frontier!
We received many comments such as “It was fun to watch the game commentary” and “I want to play with Otogi-frontier,” which made our youtuber staff very happy.

In fact, when I talked with students from the school where we held the information session and had interviews, they often said they heard about the session, and I’m glad to hear that I was able to convey the advantages of KMS to them♡

Thank you to all the school staff and students who gave us a opportunity in the midst of the irregularity ☺.